Why we recommend buying a Benguela Diamond

Highest Quality

Alluvial diamonds is known for producing a very high percentage of gem quality diamonds; making it more desirable for your custom made jewellery.

Best Price

With no middleman involved these branded diamonds are offered at very competitive pricing.

Exceptional Service

Our group of which the Benguela Diamonds brand forms part of is known in the marketplace for their exceptional customer service and we have created a very local customer base.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Our group has a zero tolerance policy towards dealing in conflict diamonds. We uphold and support wholeheartedly the "Kimberley Process" and are a member of both the "Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa" as well as the "WFDB" (World Federation of Diamond Bourses).
Image no middle man

No Middleman

The Benguela Diamonds group has managed to successfully eliminate the need for any middleman and creates a direct link between the source and client.


Benguela Diamonds operates a private sea concession on the West Coast of South Africa. By mining its own diamonds, Benguela Diamonds has a very exclusive niche in a market where traceability and ethical working conditions have become extremely important. This not only certifies the origin of its diamonds, but also ensures fair working conditions in the concessions.


A globally recognized gemological institute certifies each Benguela diamond. This gives you an independent proof and reassurance of the quality and authenticity of your diamond.